Kazerne 1824 AD

Redevelopment of former barracks and warehouse

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A new designated purpose for Kazerne

On the edge of Eindhoven city centre stands a former military police barracks and a garage/warehouse belonging to the cleaning department of the local council. Both have been derelict for decades. Two creatives, Annemoon Geurts and Koen Rijnbeek, saw the potential here for an innovative cultural and social concept, with the added attraction of enhancing the urban environment, which would be accessible for the widest possible public. A place where different milieus could come together to eat and drink, sleep, work and relax, while at the same time being inspired by exciting and challenging exhibitions which would make them reflect upon the social, cultural and economic issues of today and tomorrow. The new social function of this re-purposed heritage site makes all of this a reality.

Thanks to the many – some of them prominent – people who have made this possible, including the VSB Fund, the 2,600m² complex is gradually being transformed into a combined meeting place, restaurant and exhibition space which promises to be more than the sum of its parts. Once complete, the complex will house two restaurants, three meeting rooms, seven guesthouses and will also become the home of a society for creatives. All the proposed spaces will also be used for exhibitions.

Phase 1 of the rebuilding program – approximately 1.200 square meters – which incorporates the larger and more accessible of the two restaurants and the L meeting room – has been finished in October 2014. The barracks itself (approximately 1.100 m²) is currently being used as a gallery; the renovation of this listed part of the heritage site is also being tackled in stages. It is expected that the entire complex will be ready for Kazerne to use in 2018.

Open to the public

Once the restoration and conversion is finally complete, everyone will be able to come – 24/7 if they wish – and enjoy this listed barracks; the coach house, stables, courtyard and warehouse. Everyone will be welcome, artists and nerds, workers and entrepreneurs, young and old, rich and poor, alone or with the family, for business or pleasure, tourists and expats.

Kazerne will welcome guests and casual visitors from Eindhoven, Brabant and the Randstad – as well as the rest of the country and the world – to enjoy a meal in one of the two restaurants, congregate and party in one of the three function rooms or to stay the night in one of the seven guesthouses. Or maybe just to visit one of the free exhibitions, or simply enjoy the ambience of the historic listed building, because the complex will shortly be freely accessible to the public insofar as this is possible.

Cultural history close by

The listed building has a characteristic appearance and is of major cultural historic value. Above all, it is in an ideal position: close to the ‘Quartier Vivant’ shopping streets of De Bergen and the office district, on the edge of the city centre, it provides a stopping-off point on the route between the Design Academy and the Abbey Museum, between TU/e and ASML, the Park Theatre and the Factory, between the Muziekgebouw concert hall and the High-Tech Campus, within walking distance of Stratumseind and Dommelstraat and closer than Strijp-S. Because a city centre also needs quality culture.